Friday, July 17, 2009

Kuching Kolo Mee

Chinese Temple Food Court on Carpenter Street (1)

*behind the food court is a stage for perfomance during festival*

I ordered their special and my Kolo Mee came with prawns, fish paste, fish cake and BBQ pork. The noodle was tangy and it resembles maggi noodle but the texture was more like pan mee. It was tossed with oil and pepper which is different from the Peninsular’s brown sauce version.

*Indomee China?*

Having heard how tasty Sarawak coffee is, i ordered one and i wasn't disappointed.

*i'm not a coffee fan but this is really fragrant*

Chong Choon Coffee Shop on Abel Road (2)

*the front entrance*

Chong Choon Cafe is a ‘lou chi hou’ of Kuching’s kopitiam. It’s 2 blocks away from Air Asia office and it’s facing an old hotel which I’ve forgotten the name. The stall at the front of the cafe is known to serve the best Sarawak Laksa (Poh Lam Laksa) but unfortunately it was closed when I was there (Tuesday). I saw a few friendly Malay ladies mending a stall opposite that sells Mee Jawa. I walked over wanting to place an order but their Mee Jawa was already sold out.

*ang moh enjoying local kopitiam*

I settled for a bowl of Kolo Mee from the 2nd stall and chose a seat at the back of the coffee shop. Equally tasty as the one at the Chinese Temple Food Court but they used big juicy prawns instead.

*big kiss ass juicy prawn*

*officially hooked on this*

Next Coffee Shop on Bishopgate Street (3)

*can't wait ah... go to the next shop la...*

This shop is touted to serve the best Kolo Mee in Kuching City. It was packed when I reached the shop and a few tables hadn’t gotten their orders yet.

*see the aunt's expression is so serious, like preparing a bomb liddat*

After 5 minutes of waiting, a table was available in the shop and I hurriedly walked in to secure the table. I was told by the waitress to wait when I signalled her to my table, waited I did like a good little boy while enjoying their famous ‘Teh C Peng’. It was so good that I had 2 glasses. The shop only sells Kolo Mee and ‘Mix Pork Soup’. I was eagerly anticipating for my food and it arrived 45 minutes later. The noodles itself wasn’t that impressive but boy I was wrong, the texture and taste were the best of the lot. There’s a tint sour taste to the noodle and I deduced they added vinegar on top of the usual pepper and oil. It’s really delicious. The ‘mix pork soup’ is very clear and not too overpowering, perfect partner to the noodle. This shop really deserved the title of Best Kolo Mee in Kuching City.

*I AM NOT A PAN MEE, flips noodle*

*porky i heart chu*

Attached is a map showing the location of all these shops i've visited.

P.S. I found a pastry shop with almost the same name as Chong Choon. This one is called Chong Chon and it's located on a small lane next to Kuching Central Police Station .Their egg tart is to die for! Very much regretted that i didn't try their curry puff, siew pao and yam puff.


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