Monday, July 04, 2011

Hearts Robyn

She is definitely one understated artist which deserves more recognition.

Instantly hooked on Show Me Love when i first heard it back in primary school (18 years ago... wow...)

She might not be as unique as Bjork but she does have her own affable quirkiness and some of her songs are really good.

Lady Gaga... please take note because I honestly think the MV for Edge of Glory is really bad. You can make an MV about you and be interesting and engaging at the same time.

JL Hearts Robyn

Some more goodies from Robyn :)


Anonymous said...

yeah, i miss the 90s music much better

F.F. said...

I heard the Gaga made that video very the last minute... forgive her lah haha but then I would prefer Robyn over Gaga any day~