Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AA Meeting

Brussel was packed to the brim last Saturday, no table was left unoccupied after 10pm. Business must be phenomenal.

We took a table right near the entrance and ordered our favourite ales (Hoegaarden, Leffe etc.). Moved indoor later because we had issue with sensitive underarms :p

JL: It’s getting warm and warmer. Should we move inside?
ALL: Sure, if they have a table

While walking in

JL: I’m starting to sweat… my ketiaks are a lil wet
AI: Yaloh… Me too


JL: Luckily we moved in, it’s getting so warm that AI’s ketiaks sudah basah
JL: sorry, if I’ve offended your ketiaks
AI: Yes, they are offended and teary now

Laughter ensued

After making merry with my Hoe, ordered another brunet K-leffe (Lefffe Brune) and chatted the night away.


Can’t wait for the next Avid Alcoholics Meeting :P


blueroses said...


i havent had a single drop of alcohol in 4 days....


AA meeting hopefully soon! :D

William said...

Watch out for that beer belly! :P

WV: aletrop

Janvier said...

You tak pakai singlet macam biasa? :P

blueroses said...

haha... hopefully no beer belly.

somebody pakai nice nice baju somemore :)

Anonymous said...

jl: haha, didn't expect you to post up a blog about our AA meet...just happened to drop in as i was thinking about reviving my blog and trying to see what i've missed the past months. Now free mah, in between jobs keke

blue: aigoh aigoh, listen to the queen of AA talking...already looking forward to next boozing session? tsk tsk...hehehe