Friday, August 20, 2010

Budget Airline, Budgeted Service

AAsia Online Support

Fitri: Hello JL. How may I help you?

JL: Good morning Fitri

Fitri: Welcome to Air Asia ! Before we proceed, I would need some basic information from you. May I have your full name and mobile number?

JL: JL, +60*********

Fitri: Thank you for the information. How may i assist you today?

JL: I would like to know the reason why my flight is rescheduled and is there any form of compensation?

Fitri: Can i have the booking number please?


Fitri: Please kindly bear with me while I retrieve the information for you. Thank You.

JL: Thank you very much

Fitri: yes, your flight has been re-timed.


Itinerary dept/arrv times were changed

From: 1505/1640 To: 0700/0835 Flt: AK 594 KULJOG

Itinerary dept/arrv times were changed

From: 1705/2025 To: 0900/1230 Flt: AK 595 JOGKUL

So we are able to offer you this option:

For a flight re-time more than 3 hours or flight cancel, we can move your flight to any available flight within 3 months/credit shell/full refund.

Please be advised, we can move your flight for one time for free only. The request can only done at the call centre.

You can reach us at 600 85 9999 (Operating hours 7am-7pm GMT+8) Day : Daily

JL: Thank you, but there's only 1 time available for both flights. It means i don't have any other choice. It's either i stick with the re-timed flight or a full refund. Am i right?

Fitri: Yes

JL: The reason is, i could have taken the zero fare when i purchased the tickets, but i paid more to get a better time and now it's re-timed with 1 flight option only. Is there a way to seek compensation rather than a full refund because i have to fly on the stated period as i have paid for my lodging, tour etc

Fitri: That is the only option provided and we do not provide any compensation because AirAsia is budget airline

JL: It's not fair for customers who paid for a better flight time and later being rescheduled to fly with those who might have paid less or zero fare for the earlier flight

Fitri: If you find this an inconvenience, please submit an online feedback form to the guest support team so that the issue can be forwarded to the precise departments for further action

JL: Alright. Thanks for the info and your help. Appreciate your help and have a nice day.

Fitri: Do not hesitate to contact us again should you require any further information.

Thank you for contacting A.Asia. Have a pleasant day !

*Kucing also can fly :)*


My online feedback form which hasn't been replied or whatsoever until today (trip was in May 2010)!

I'm disappointed to know that both flights, which I’ve paid for a better flight time, are re-timed to a very inconvenient early flight. I have contacted your staffs and the options provided are to either seek a full refund or reschedule to another day (as there is only 1 flight a day, no point reschedule to another time). I must travel on the stated period because I’ve already made payment for my lodging and tours. This arrangement is very unfair to customers like me who paid for a better flight but then being rescheduled to an earlier flight which costs less or zero fare. I asked your staff is there any other form of compensation instead of full refund, his reply is 'That is the only option provided and we do not provide any compensation because AirAsia is budget airline'. I'm so disheartened by this. Budget airline doesn't mean the service has to be budgeted as well. I sincerely hope something can be done on this. I'm a fan of A.Asia and in the past, i'd experienced multiple delayed flights but this is the most distressing of all.


William said...

JL is alive!
Well, customer service at AirAsia is obviously a facade.

fable frog said...

You are lucky to actually have them answer your call LOL... ~ tapi... cerita ni lama sangat dah LOL May? tehehehe

Sam Nasser said...

You still blog!

Alex said...

It's cheap!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I gave up calling their customer service number as it's now machine-answered. Sent them 3 or 4 complaint message through their website but no replied. Their customer service totally sucks.
They even have the guts to send me a survey form requesting for my feedback!

Anyway, they managed to refund me for the flight no-show up, and that was like, 7 months later... :(

-chun siong

lisa said...

oh...that was a very bad experience, i would never use the same flight if i were you