Tuesday, October 05, 2010

East Malaysia Whirlwind Tour

In 52 hours, I have:

Travelled to 3 states + 2 federal territories

Met 3 new acquaintances + 5 old buddies

Taken 4 flights

Eaten McD triple cheeseburger, wantan mee, fish head curry, cangkuk manis with egg, kolo mee, kachama chicken, claypot curry mutton, kueh chap, deep fried pork, minced pork tau hu, grilled sting ray, fried bamboo mussel with curry powder, calamari, fried chicken wings, chocolates, fried rice with chicken and Portuguese egg tart

Drank Tiger Beers, Heineken, Kilkenny, Guinness Stout, bamboo with lemon, coconut, Nescafe, Coke, water, teh kundur, orange juice, and cincau.

1 Karaoke session

It was fun!


savante said...

Ohh... how tiring!

Legolas said...

You forgot to say sang karaoke, and being asked to leave.

Alex said...


Big Bad Wolf said...

Show off! hmmph~~

William said...

I miss cangkuk manis!

Janvier said...

Banyaknyer activity!